Keeps chair seats completely dry and protected from spills and accidents.


Soft, beautiful fabric that won’t stick to you like vinyl or squeak like plastic.

Machine Washable

Clean with an easy wipe down or by tossing into your washing machine.

Choose from five beautiful colors
Pick the one that best fits your decor!

Simplify life with SmartSeat


Perfect for mealtimes, parties and arts & crafts – and when visiting grandma!


Why worry about red wine or greasy food when your guests are having fun?


Because you love your cats and dogs, but not their hair on your chairs.

Everyday Protection

Prolong the life of your chairs, or give old chairs a fresh new look.


Durable for schools, labs, conference centers and other high traffic settings.


Protects wheelchair pads and reclining chairs from spills and incontinence.

Fits chairs of different sizes and styles

Pullman and Wood Chair
Antique and Armchair
Modern and Booster Seats

See what our customers say

They fit well and I like the fact that they strap on and are machine washable. I have 2 cats that love to sleep on the chairs so I can easily remove these and throw them in the washing machine.


Found this online after returning a similar plastic product that didn’t work. What a winner. Durable high-quality material that is also soft and comfortable.


I started with a towel on the dining room chair to protect the fabric. It didn’t work. So I found this lovely product, and it is fantastic!


I was pleasantly surprised by how soft & beautiful they are. So much nicer than those sticky vinyl covers! Now I can relax while my grandchildren eat in my dining room.


SmartSeats are so easy to use