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10 Free Cleaning Printables: Getting Organized to Keep a Clean Home

Keeping a clean home isn’t easy. Sometimes you just don’t know where to start. Do you tackle the stains on the dining room chairs or should you wash the bathroom floors? Yes, cleaning home can be challenging.

That’s why, we thought it would be a great idea to help you get organized and stay on top of the game with some nifty cleaning printables. Best part, they’re all FREE.

Some ways to use these free cleaning printables:

  • Choose the cleaning checklist printables that suit YOUR home the best. Print them out.
  • Laminate them and hang them up on the bulletin board or in a place where everyone can see them easily. Use a dry erase marker to tick off chores done. Wipe clean at the end of the day.
  • You can also print out and laminate a copy and put it in your home management notebook. Use the dry erase marker here as well.

Now over to the 10 free cleaning printables that you can choose from:

1.  Free Cleaning Printables from clean mama

Becky from clean mama has a TON of free cleaning printables, including deep cleaning checklists, an organized cleaning routine and a 31 days to a clean home checklist. Click on the link above to see them all.

2.  Cleaning Checklist Printables from Ask Anna

Anna from Ask Anna has a lovely collection of cleaning printables divided into Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Every 6 Months to help you stay on track and have a clean home without losing your sanity.

3.  Cleaning Printables from ClutterBug.Me 

Here you’ll find links to LOTS of free cleaning and organizing printables. From a Spring Cleaning Checklist to the regular Daily and Weekly cleaning checklists, they’re all here!

4.  The Ultimate Happy Home Cleaning Checklist and Free Printable

This cleaning checklist is a great tool should you want to spread out deep cleaning tasks through the week instead of just ONE deep clean day.

5.  (The Clean Zone) Free Printable from Biblical Homemaking

This colorful cleaning checklist is a zone defense cleaning printable that you can customize to suit your own home.

6.  Free Printable Quick Cleaning Cards from Hey Donna

If you prefer something that’s quick and snazzy, check out these cool printable chore cards for every day of the week. Donna recommends listing 15-minute chores on them or 3 chores across 2 rooms, but feel free to personalize them to suit your home and style.

7.  Four Free Printable Cleaning Checklists from Housewife How-To’s

These are cute little flowchart-style cleaning routines to help you see what to clean first and which task to move on to next. Nice!

8.  Free Printable Cleaning Checklist from A Slob Comes Clean

These are a bunch of cleaning checklists for the day, week and then, according to different rooms of the home, such as the kitchen, bathroom, etc.

9.  Ever-So Reasonable Printable Cleaning Checklist  from rosy blu handmade 

This easygoing buy effective cleaning checklist will help you keep a clean home without the stress.

10.  15 Minutes a Day Cleaning Schedule by Organizing Made Fun 

Just have 15 minutes to spare for cleaning? Worry not! Becky from Organizing Made Fun shows you a cool printable to help you keep a clean home in just 15 minutes. Really!!

So, which one will you be printing out first for a clean home? Share with the Smart Seat Community on Facebook and Twitter!

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