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15 ways to get your kids to eat better.

With all of the talk about childhood (and now infant!) obesity, this article by was a refreshing change of pace.  Thanks to the author, Julie Burns, for a reasonable approach to kids and food.  Really, am I the only one who finds the current emphasis on obesity and the extreme measures that people are suggesting for their children to be a bit disturbing?

In our house, we try to model the healthy attitude towards food that I want my boys to adopt.  We emphasize making healthy choices and discuss the way that good food is necessary fuel for a strong body and mind.  We cook together when we can and try to eat meals together as a family.   We also don’t eliminate all forms of junk, sugar, and treats from our diets.  Completely eliminating treats just increases the chance that my kids will overindulge when given the chance (presumably, when I am not around to say no).  Food isn’t only fuel for your body, it also is a pleasure.  Raise food-smart kids by exposing them to lots of different types of food, teaching them to make healthy choices, letting them know that a treat is okay every once and a while, and keeping them active.

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