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Bath Time Safety For Baby.
Baby in a bathtub

Bath time safety for baby.

Some babies love it and others hate it.  Either way, you need to make sure that bath time is safe.

Here are some basic tips to insure that bath time at your house is hazard-free:


Make sure that the water temperature is the right temperature.  To prevent scalding, the set water temperature in your water-heating system should not exceed 120 degrees. And the water temperature in your child’s bath should be much cooler than that.  If you’re unsure about temperature, consider using a bath thermometer that can alert you as to when the temperature is too hot for baby.

Never leave your child unattended in the bath, even for a second and always keep your baby within an arm’s reach.  This means making sure that you have whatever you need — soap, washcloth, towel — close by before you start the bath.  If getting wet during your child’s bath time isn’t your cup of tea, consider covering up with Cuddlecloth, a terry towel that you can wear hands-free during bath time and then use as a towel for your child when bath time is done.  In addition, remember to completely empty the tub after each use.

Use a spout cover so that your child doesn’t accidentally hit his or her head and store products and toys out of reach and not underfoot.  Razors, bars of soap, bottles of shampoo and even toys should be kept out of baby’s reach as a cluttered tub is unsafe.  While there are plenty of options out there, a simple mesh bath bag that attaches to the wall with suction cups provides an inexpensive and easy storage solution for most of your bath gear.

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