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Be Pet Smart: Cleaning Made Simple for Pet Owners


Snuggling up with your pet cat or tossing a ball in the backyard with your beloved Labrador can be a huge stress-buster as well as source of comfort. However, let’s face it, pets can be messy folks. From scratched up furniture to litter box odor, your home may be literally taken over by your furry, fuzzy friends.



Here are some easy and effective cleaning tips for pet owners:

1.  Cut Out the Carpeting

If possible, get rid of all the carpets since not only are they a magnet for pet hair, they also hold odors and the fibers can soak up the stink caused by pet accidents. Instead, choose for laminate or tile flooring. Easy to clean, easier to keep clean.

2.  Keep Drool and Stains Off Chairs and Furniture

Have a drooling puppy hanging around the dining table or a house cat who sprays? Cover your chairs with SmartSeat Chair Protectors and make sure that stains and resulting odors are kept off easily.  Keep other furniture covered with old sheets or wipeable covers when you don’t have guests visiting to make cleanups super simple.

3.  Reduce Litter Box Odor

For those of you with cats, keep the litter box out of sight, but not out of mind. Make sure you scoop the box clean as soon as your cat uses it. Not only will this keep your pet healthier, your house will have less odors too.  Neat idea: Keep the litter box next to a lined and lidded trash can, along with a small broom and dust pan. That way, all you have to do is scoop the litter straight into the trash and close the lid to odors. Also, make sure you scoop up any small litter trail that your cat may leave in the house, every now and then.

4.  Clean Up Pet Accidents ASAP

Have pet: Have accidents. Yes, that is the truth. However, you can keep your home clean and odor-free if you clean up pet accidents immediately. Don’t let them sit around and let the odor get absorbed by furnishings. Instead, have a cleaning caddy ready and stocked with anti-bacterial spray, wipes and paper towels to clean up any accidents as soon as they occur.

5.  Mop and Vacuum At least Twice Weekly

Finally, make sure that you vacuum and mop at least twice a week, if not more. This will keep your house free of hair, odors, stains and more.

Need more help? Here is a Spring Cleaning Checklist to help you give your home a thorough once over, when you have pets underfoot.

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