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Got Stains?

Wondering how to remove stains from your dining room chair upholstery? Here is a great article that list the various ways to remove food stains. Of course, the best idea is to prevent stains in the first place by using…

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Great feedback!

This was recently posted on our facebook page: We used a SmartSeat with our 3 yr old son on vacation ... at first, he didn't even notice, just sat right on it. A few days later, our 6 yr old…

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Why go through the hassle?

SmartSeat is such an easy way to protect your upholstered chairs. Why go through the hassle of treating your existing fabric? Our covers are easy to put on and take off; simple adjustable straps fit almost all sizes and styles.

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Chair With Ripped Vinyl Cover

A ripped vinyl cover

This morning I had breakfast at a quaint restaurant in New Hampshire.  They had a large variety of dining chairs and there were a few upholstered chairs with vinyl seat covers.  I ended up sitting on one of them because…

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