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Creative Jewish Mom

Chanukah is here!

    If you are lighting the menorah this week, take a moment to check out this lovely site, Creative Jewish Mom. She has some great ideas for crafts you can do (with or without your kids), many of which…

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Macaroni Kid Logo

This is for my hubby

We have an inside joke in my house.  My husband claims that he introduced me to fruits and veggies and that I introduced him to grease.  With that disclosure, it should be no surprise that my husband encourages my children…

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Parenting Babytalk

Finding the joy in motherhood

Everyone mother knows how difficult, and rewarding, raising little people be. has an interesting article about the paradox of parenting: While your moment-to-moment existence may not be inspiring, somehow the overall experience is simply amazing.  How can this be? …

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A timely post

My youngest son has a December birthday.  Just in time, has a delicious display of unique birthday cakes ranging from insects to sports themes, all with how-to-do-at-home directions.  I don't know if I am brave enough to try, but…

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