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Cheers to feeding fun!


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Feeding your child can be easy (and even fun!) when you have the right gear.  

Here are a few of our favorite feeding products:

Breast/Bottle Feeding

Bare Air-Free Bottles closely mimic the mother’s breast. The Perfe-latch nipple extends upon suction to emulate the mechanics of breast feeding, thereby minimizing nipple confusion. Additionally, the Air-Plug technology dispenses only the liquid — not air — which helps to reduce colic and gas.  With Bare Air-Free bottles, there is no need for larger nipples as your child grows because the flow rate of the bottle is determined by suction strength, not the opening, meaning that these bottles can be used from birth until your child is ready to move on to cups and straws.

Joovy’s Boob Baby Bottle has a nipple that is “shaped like mom” to aid in latching.  Its patented CleanFlow Vent system reduces air intake by your baby and prevents vacuum effects, both of which help to minimize colic.  The CleanFlow Vent also eliminates over- or under-tightening, which helps to eliminate leaks. The Boob’s insulated body helps to maintain consistent liquid temperature (and to keep its contents fresh).  The breast pump adapter allows users to pump directly into the bottle for easy storage and transport.

BambiniWare Bibs combine the utility of a bib and a burp cloth into one convenient product that stays on your baby during feeding and burping. As a bib, it provides full torso and lower body protection from birth through toddlerhood. As a burp cloth, its contoured shape is designed to allow for easy burping over your shoulder.

Le Bibble Baby Bottle Bibs are designed to make bottle feeding cleaner and easier.  Make from organic cotton, these innovative bottle bibs fit all bottles, catch leaks and dribbles, and are machine washable.  In addition, Le Bibble’s colorful designs and textured fabrics provide sensory stimulation for your child while feeding.

Bebe Au Lait Nursing Covers have a patented Rigiflex neck line that helps to hold the cover away from mom and baby, allowing for airflow and direct eye-contact between mother and child.  With the Bebe Au Lait nursing cover, you can discreetly feed your child anywhere, at anytime.  The cover also comes in over 30 fun designer prints and patterns so that you can find the one that expresses your personality.

Eating Solids/Toddlers

Joovy’s Nook Highchair is all about ease.  Unlike traditional high chairs with removable trays, the tray on the Nook swings open for easy one-handed use.  The highchair is easy to clean: Its tray has a removable insert that can be rinsed off or thrown into the dishwasher and its seat cover can be taken off and put in the washing machine so that messy meals are no longer a problem.  In addition, the Nook folds completely flat with one hand and is light enough for travel.

Baby Dipper Bowls have clear transparent sides, a spoon-shaped lower corner, and a non-slip base so that your child (and you!) can more easily scoop food out of the bowl without the bowl landing on the floor.  The brightly-colored, matching utensils are chubby and contoured, making them easy for little hands to grasp.  The Baby Dipper Bowl and utensils encourage self-feeding, make self-feeding (and one-handed feeding) easier, and help to minimize mess during mealtimes.

Lollacup’s Mealtime Set comes in fun, vibrant colors and a simple modern design.  Each element of the mealtime set is a different shape (square plate, circular bowl, triangular dipping cup), making the dinnerware attractive, fun, and educational.  The plate and bowl are also perfectly sized for kids to help with portion control.

SmartSeat Chair Protectors are waterproof, stain resistant, and machine washable seat covers for dining room and kitchen chairs.  They protect like vinyl seat covers, but are made from a soft and comfortable fabric that your kids will love.  These covers can be used under a strap-on booster seat to protect your chairs from stains, spills, and little feet.  They also can be used for mealtime and arts and crafts once your child has graduated from the booster.

On-the -Go

Refresh-a-baby is patented baby-bottle nipple that fits most disposable water bottles, instantly converting the water bottle into a baby bottle on the go — all you need to do is add formula.  Refresh-a-baby does not require extra pieces or liners and is leak free.  It allows you to hydrate your baby anytime, anywhere.

Spbang Reusable Snack Bags are big enough to hold a sandwich or snacks.  They are waterproof and dishwasher safe for easy re-use. These bags have space on which you can write your child’s name, making them perfect for school, daycare, or activities on the go.  In addition, Spbang’s reusable bags are latex-free, PVC-free, lead-free, BPA-free, and phthalate-free.

QuickSplit is a portable food slicer and an easy way to cut your child’s favorite foods — pizza, quesadillas, chicken, burgers, hot dogs, pb&j, spaghetti, pancakes, waffles and more — into small, choke-free bite sized pieces.  The QuickSplit comes with its own plastic carrying case so that you can just toss it into your bag and throw into the dishwasher when you get home.

Yummi Pouches are reusable food pouches that can be filled with nutritious smoothies and purees. These eco-friendly food pouches are freezer safe, dishwasher safe, BPA-free, and Phthalate-free.  Yummi Pouches are ideal for moms who make homemade baby food, as well for as kids who enjoy taking yogurt and applesauce to school.  Now healthy blended snacks can easily be taken on-the-go, no spoon required!

Easy Lunch Boxes take the madness out of lunch packing and are the fastest way to pack lunches … guaranteed.  These lunch boxes have been an Amazon best-seller since 2011. Each bento-style food container is a made from BPA-free materials and has 3-compartments.  The containers easily stack in a sleek, coordinating cooler bag.   Easy Lunch Boxes make packing on-the-go meals fast, affordable and waste-free.  Sized right for kids and adults, they are great for school, work, or travel.  The container lids stay on, but are purposely designed to fit loose enough to be easily removed by little fingers and, therefore, are not leakproof.

Just for the fun of it!

Sticky Bellies are stickers for your child’s (or your) belly.  These adorable stickers are easy to use (just peal and stick), make for a memorable photo op, and are removable and re-usable.  They come in lots of styles that you can use to commemorate pregnancy, growth, holidays, and milestones.

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