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Cleaning for Company

tub“Hi, we’ll be dropping in 15 minutes.. Hope that’s okay.”  These very words sink fear into a homemaker’s heart. Your eyes sweep across the living room floor cluttered with toys, the dining room chairs spattered with spaghetti sauce from your toddler’s lunch and, well, let’s not even think about the bathroom.

Cleaning up for company may seem tough when you have kids, pets, and life to deal with. However, with a little bit of prep and planning, you can make cleanups easier and in fact, effortless.


Making clean-up for company easy-peasy:

1.  Take Care of Visible Surfaces

Remember: Quick cleanups don’t require deep cleaning. Simply clear off clutter from visible surfaces, clean areas that guests are bound to use, such as the bathroom or entryway, and if they aren’t going to be resting in your bedroom, simply chuck things on the bed and close the door!

  2.  Have a Handy Basket for Scooping Up Clutter

A large laundry basket is a homemaker’s good fried when company calls. Simply scoop up the toys, books, clothes from the floors and tables and stash them in there. Once guests have left, you’ll simply have to return the items to their original homes.

  3.  Have Wipe-Clean Surfaces As Much As Possible

With kids and pet underfoot, try to have easy-to-clean surfaces as much as possible. Whether it is tiling for floors or SmartSeat Chair Protectors for your dining chairs, make sure that all you’ll have to do is just wipe clean and voila, stains will be gone.  In fact, our SmartSeats are designed for easy on/easy off so that you can remove them when your chairs are not in use.

  4.  Have a “Company Care Kit” Stashed in the Closet

Spend some time now to put together what I call the “Company Care Kit” and stash it in your linen closet. In the “kit” goes: A set of clean towels, some fresh soaps, some essential oils for the diffuser or some air freshener, clean kitchen towels to replace the soiled ones, a nice throw for your couch and of course, some snacks.  These little things will add welcoming touches to your home in next to no time. Just remember to keep it stocked and fresh all the time.

  5.  Have a Speed Cleaning Checklist

Finally,it always helps to have a guideline of what to clean when you’re short on time.  Luckily for you, there are several quick and easy cleaning checklists you can download right now.  Here are a few of our favorites:

Speed Cleaning 101 by Somewhat Simple

Speed Clean Your Bathroom Checklist by Real Simple


Cleaning Checklists by Martha Stewart

Are you feeling ready now when company drops by at a moment’s notice?  Share with us in the comments below?


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