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Designing A Bathroom That Your Whole Family Can Enjoy.
Family bathroom

Designing a bathroom that your whole family can enjoy.




If your house is anything like mine, your kids spend a lot of time in the bathroom – taking baths, getting ready for school, brushing up a night.  Make your bathroom a kid-friendly space by following our list of simple tips and suggestions.







Choose vibrant colors and family-friendly themes.  When choosing paint color for a kids bath, aim to create a space that is light and bright.  White is a great color to use as a background; it has a clean feel (perfect for bathrooms) and pops of color will stand out against it.  Plus, white can be easily updated as your child grows by choosing new bath accessories.

Alternatively, you may opt to start with a bold color for the walls and work around that element. If you go this route, consider selecting your shower curtain, towels, and bathmat first.  You can then use a coordinating color from these items as the basis for the wall color in the room.

Color is great, but don’t forget to choose a theme.  Water-inspired themes – such as marine life, boating, and pirates – are a common choices for bathrooms where splashing in the tub is a central activity.  But don’t feel restricted.  If your child loves the circus, go for it.  The nice thing about bathrooms is that they are relatively easy to change with minimal cost by simply swapping out the shower curtain and bathmat once your child has outgrown the theme.

Ensure that there is a place for everything and that everything has its place.  Adequate storage is a must for making a bathroom fully functional and keeping it tidy.  Ideally, you will have cabinet space for bath linens, toiletries, and other bathroom essentials.

If you don’t have cabinets for storage, get creative.  A low bench or a wicker basket can make the perfect place to store your towels and bath linens.  These storage options also do double duty as decor items, adding some character to your bathroom.

Don’t forget storage in the tub area too.  Having kids means having bath toys, and probably lots of them.  Make sure that the toys are not underfoot by using wall-mounted storage in the tub, such as a mesh bag or plastic container with holes through which the water can drain.  These storage containers often use suction cups to mount so they won’t permanently damage your bath tile, and there are plenty of stylish options available today to meet your personal aesthetics.

Make it all accessible and encourage bathroom responsibility.  Many sink basins are too tall to be used easily by a child.  A step stool is a must so that your kids can safely brush teeth, wash their face, and keep their hands clean.  A step stool can also be used by your child to reach other items, such as towels or extra toilet paper, that might be stored high and away.

Plus, when things in the bathroom are accessible, your kids can actually do their part in helping to keep the bathroom clean and tidy. Help your kids succeed in this task by providing easy-to-use storage options. A personalized cup or bin becomes the ideal place to store tooth brushes, hair brushes, and other small bath items.  Wall hooks give your kids a place to put their towels – other than the floor.  And speaking of towels, keep kids from fighting over which towel belongs to whom by choosing different colors of the same style or design for each child.


Now that you’ve designed your perfect family-friendly bathroom, here are a few of our favorite bath items designed specifically for kids:


AquaDuck Faucet Extender
In addition to providing a stool, you can make the sink basin more accessible to your kids by using the Aquaduck Faucet Extender by Peachy. The Aquaduck easily slides over most conventional sink faucets.  It is made from long lasting, soft, durable plastic; is BPA, PVC and phthalate free; it also is easy to remove for cleaning and dishwasher-safe.  Peachy now makes faucet handle extenders too.




Twooth Timer
The Twooth Timer is a fun and easy way to get your kids to brush for a full two minutes – the time recommended by dentists in order to successfully prevent tooth decay and maintain gum health.  It is simple to use, does not require batteries, and gets kids excited to brush.





Don’t forget toys for tub.  SoapSox is a fun, wash cloth alternative for kids.  Each SoapSox is a cute, plush animal with terry outside and an anti-microbial sponge inside.  Your child will love to “feed” his or her SoapSox with liquid or bar soap. And because SoapSox have finger pockets, you never have to worry about the soap slipping from little hands.  Getting clean has never been so fun!



decalMorning Routine Bathroom Decals
Brush your teeth, wash your face, comb your hair.  These cool decals help your kids remember their morning routine so that you don’t have to remind them, making your mornings run more smoothly.  Have your kids check each box with a whiteboard marker or with their finger prints to have them participate in this daily task.  No more excuses with this designer decal.  Decals are made with a low tack, water based adhesive vinyl for easy removal.


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