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Do you care for an elder parent or relative?

We were recently contacted by someone who cares for an elder friend in his 80’s who has an incontinence problem.  He wrote, “I need a waterproof (pee-proof) cover for the seat of his favorite chair. We need to clean the chair but do not want to do so until we have a protective cover to prevent the seat cushion from being soiled all over again. Does this sound like a problem that your product can help solve?”

We suggested that he try the SmartSeat Chair Protector on his friend’s chair, as our covers are completely waterproof and discreet.  He did, and we just received the following email: “This is just a note to tell you that your chair protector works great for my friend’s living room chair.  I just ordered another one so we can have one on the chair at all times, even when drying out one from washing it out.  Thanks again for your personal attention and fine product.”

Getting this type of positive feedback from customers just makes my day!

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