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Red wine spilled. casulties: ugg slipps, CoH jeans, jcrew shirt. @smartseatcover saved chair. clothes are soaking #familygamenightfail

I care about my kids and the environment. When I learned that the same fabric used to make the SmartSeat is used to make medical equipment, I knew that it would be safe for my child. And because it is washable and reusable, it is also good for the environment.

My toddler wants to sit at the table like a ‘big boy,’ but boy does he make a big mess. We put the SmartSeat under his booster and now he can join us at the table. I don’t have to worry about his spills ruining my chairs.

I worry when my mother comes to visit us. She has Alzheimer’s and is incontinent. While I don’t want to embarrass her, I also don’t want my chairs to be soaked with urine. The SmartSeat was the perfect solution. It blends so nicely with my upholstery and fits so well that my mom didn’t even realize she was sitting on a waterproof cover.

I struggled to find something that would work on my Pullman style dining chairs. The plastic covers with the ties on the back didn’t work. And I wanted something waterproof to keep my chairs as beautiful as they were when I bought them. The SmartSeat was easy to put on my Pullman style chairs and I love the way it feels.

It’s the first product I’ve found that stays in place. The cheap vinyl cover I tried before moved around so much that my daughter slipped off her chair! But this cover is safe and it really works. In fact, it worked so well that I bought them for my friends!

After my grandchildren came to visit last year, I had to have my chairs professionally cleaned. This year I was prepared. I bought a SmartSeat for all four of them and even the two year old didn’t complain about sitting on it. Now I can relax and enjoy my grandchildren instead of worrying about my furniture.

Meals at our house can be really messy. My daughter loves every food that stains –berries, pasta sauce, chocolate! But even berries didn’t leave a stain on our SmartSeat. I just threw it in the wash and it came out looking as good as new.

I finally invested in a beautiful dining room set, but I never used it because my kids were little and always made a mess! So I tried the SmartSeat and was amazed … no stains, no mess, no worries!

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