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Five Fantastic and Frugal Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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Mother’s Day is around the corner and if you want to surprise and delight the most special woman in your life, this year, NOW is the time to get started with planning that perfect gift for your Mom. Here are 5 fun, practical and yet fantastic gift ideas for Moms:



1.  Personalized Jewelry

Moms love jewelry and when it has the names of her kids engraved on it, it becomes even more special. There are lots of choices for personalized jewelry, such as classy necklaces or sweet pendants or bracelets. Posh Mommy, for instance, has a delightful collection to choose from.

2.  Framed Artwork by You

For every mom, their child is an artist. Whether it is the scribbled notes saying, “I’m Sorry!” or a paint-by-numbers-style painting or that kindergarten-style drawing of the family, moms cherish all handiwork and artwork created by their kids. If you’re a Dad reading this article, this is one gift you can help younger kids create.

This Mother’s Day, turn kiddie artwork into living room displays with something like, the ArtEater. You can also check out Print Art Kids to turn your art into notepads or return address labels that Mom can use all year round.

3.  A Basket of Baked Goodies

How about showing Mom that you were paying attention when she was teaching you that perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe? Or surprise her totally by showing her that you can bake! Yes, moms love to bake but they also love to indulge in homemade baked goodies.  Need help? Check out a recipe site like or the Betty Crocker Baking with Kids site to get recipes, ideas and inspiration.

4.  Clean Up House or Your Room

What does every mom dream of? A clean home or even, a clean room, especially when she has teenagers underfoot. This year, how about you and your siblings or friends get Mom to get out of the house while you spruce it up and scrub it clean. While you’re at it, cover the dining room chairs with SmartSeat Chair Protectors to make keeping them clean easy for Mom too. Yes, we know. Spills happen.

5.  Time with YOU

Finally, the best gift that you can give your mother, this Mother’s Day, is some quality time with you. Whether it is lunch followed by a pampering session at the salon for the girls or watching a movie and munching on popcorn together or simply, spending time at home talking and catching up, time with you is something that your mom would love, especially now that you’re all grown up and busy with your life.


What gift ideas do YOU think your Mom would love this year? Head over to the Smart Seat Covers community on Facebook and Twitter and share away!



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