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Great way to use the SmartSeat Chair Protector!

We love getting positive reviews!  The only thing better than getting a great review is when it is accompanied by a novel way to use our covers.  The Olive Parent recently reviewed the SmartSeat Chair Protector using it on a recliner ottoman.  Here’s what this blogger mom had to say.
“I took the liberty of pouring some water on it, because it’s supposed to be waterproof (VERY important to me).  The droplets of  water scattered and then sort of pooled itself in various areas of the seat, but didn’t immediately absorb through the fabric. It resembled an umbrella, if you will, where the water  bounces off without immediately absorbing. . . .My 2nd goal was to make sure the seat cover shifts minimally as possible. There is nothing more annoying than a seat cover that needs constant adjustment. . . Once I had it on correctly, it fit snug and well! I only had to tug at it a few times, (I don’t like the ripples in fabric, that’s completely psychological on my part) over all it stayed put during the booty traffic, which gets another two thumbs UP from me! . . .It’s simple, yet ingenious, way of protecting fabric dining chairs is impressive.”
The only complaint?  That our written instructions could use some pictures to make things clearer.  Well, we’ve heard you!  New instructions with pictures are coming soon!
Read the full review and take some time to poke around this great site full of information about pregnancy, birthing, and parenting.

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