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How are household chores divided in your home?

Recently, it occurred to me that the chores in our home are mostly divided along gender-stereotypes.  I do most of the cooking, cleaning, laundry, and childcare.  My husband does some other household stuff.  I think.  And he is really good at playing with the kids, particularly right before bedtime when I am trying to calm them down. 
This division of chores along gender lines used to really bother me.  But maybe my husband is on to something after all? reports that an equal division of household chores may make for less happy families.  “The findings go on to suggest that couples are more successful when they, simply put, have their own turf. Those attempting to perform the same caregiving tasks in a household are more likely to become competitve and at odds with each other, while those with assigned, non-shared roles (mother as gate-keeper and primary caregiver and father as main activity provider) feel more in control, relaxed and willing to collaborate as a team.”

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