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How To Buy Furniture For Senior Citizens

How to Buy Furniture for Senior Citizens


Buying furniture for the elderly in our family is always a decision that involves a great deal of thought and care. We know that not only comfort but also safety is a prime concern when we head out to the stores to buy furniture for Grandma or Grandpa. Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing furniture for senior citizens:

1.  Choose Low-Tech Furniture

While it may be tempting to choose that chair with all those buttons for seating and height adjustments, be cautious and don’t pick anything with too much of tech that may confuse an elderly relative who may be struggling with Alzheimer’s or may not be very tech-oriented.

2.  Pick Easy-to-Clean Chairs and Tables

While Grandma may not mind cleaning up after you’ve brought the kids over for a visit, chances are she doesn’t really want to spend all her days cleaning up furniture that is carved, intricate or just too tough to keep clean. Think white faux fur or velour upholstery!  A good idea will be to cover the chairs with the SmartSeat Chair Protectors to make any upholstery easily wipeable.

3.  Opt for Comfortable Furniture Items

Think like Goldilocks here. Don’t choose anything that is too soft, too low or too hard. It will be just too difficult for an elderly person to get up from or find comfort in.  Can you imagine how difficult it would be for Grandpa to get up from a couch where you just sink into the cushions? Or a futon that is low and too hard as well  Firm furniture is what you need to give them the greatest comfort and ease-of-use.

4.  Sturdiness is Key to Safety

Always, always opt for sturdy, stable furniture which won’t tip over or collapse when in use. Avoid chairs or tables with wheels that may move around and cause dangerous falls. Place furniture against the wall as far as possible to prevent it from backing up on its own.

5.  Shop Together

Finally, shop together so that your Grandma or Grandpa or both can try the furniture. Sit in it, move it if need be and basically, be 100% sure of it.  Plus, you can take into account their personal preferences for color and style as well.

Do you have more questions about choosing and buying furniture for different needs? Share with us in the Smart Seat Cover community on Facebook and Twitter .

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