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How to Choose the Best Chair Cover for Your Dining Room Chairs

chair you tired of looking at the same old dining room chairs, day in and day out?  Do your dining chairs look worn out, stained, old?  But does the thought of buying new chairs exceed your budget?

Well, we have the perfect solution for you – dining chair covers.  An often overlooked, but great way to brighten the décor and style of your dining room on a shoestring budget.  Buying dining room chair covers, however, can be quite confusing.  There are so many different colors, patterns, sizes, etc.  Decisions, decisions!

Make it simple and easy by using our chair cover buying guide:

1.  Chair Cover Size

Before heading out to the store, bring out the measuring tape and check the dimensions of your chair. Most importantly, measure the widest part of the seat. Also, take into account whether your chairs have arms. You will need a chair cover that fits snugly and doesn’t have unsightly bulges or loose ends.

2.  Chair Cover Color

Here’s where you can get really imaginative and let your inner designer loose. From mixing and matching colors and patterns to choose from to sticking with safe neutrals, the palette is yours to play with.  Bed, Bath and Beyond, for instance, has some covers patterned with a leaf design on damask.  And if you are looking for a solid cover, our Smart Seat Chair Protectors are available in 5 gorgeous colors that can match any décor scheme: Sandstone Tan, Chocolate Brown, Metro Black, Midnight Navy Blue, and Burgundy Red.

3.  Chair Cover Material

Most importantly, think about what chair cover material you would like. Do you need something that is classy yet easy to maintain? Would you want a material that doesn’t need to be washed often and can just be wiped clean? Or would you like something that is rich enough for a formal dining room?

To help you answer these questions, think about what your dining room’s main purpose is and who the main users are? If your dining room is the hub for family meals and the kids and the dog are going to be everyday users, chances are you want to pick up a stain-resistant, easy-to-wipe-clean chair cover that looks great as well.

Once you know the purpose, it becomes easy to choose the right material for your covers.

Well, now that you know how to buy dining chair covers, why don’t you head over to the Smart Seat Cover community on Facebook  and Twitter and share your color and material choices? We’d love to hear from you.

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