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How To Protect Your Dining Room From Cats

How to protect your dining room from cats


Cats can make great pets, but they also can wreck havoc on your furniture.  Clawing can cause irreparable damage to your chairs.  Shedding can turn your once beautiful dining room into a mess.  So what is a good cat owner to do?

Create a pet-friendly space

If you cat has turned your dining room chair into its favorite lounger, try to encourage it to relocate to other areas of the house.  Place catnip in the locations that you want your cat to use.  Provide scratching posts and attractive toys so that your cat will want to stay there.  Then reward your cat with treats when it uses the scratching post and stays out of the designated area.

Cover your furniture

Make sure to cover your upholstered chairs so that your cat cannot claw or scratch them and so that its fur does not stick.  Even leather chairs can benefit from protection, as claws can leave permanent scars in leather.  SmartSeat Chair Protectors are a great way to cover dining room and kitchen chairs: they are machine washable for easy clean up and are made from a durable fabric that can help protect furniture from clawing.

Unsure whether our SmartSeats are right for you?  Read what our customers are saying:

“These are great seat covers and serve their purpose well … I have cats that like to hang out in my formal dining room chairs. I’ve tried everything to train them away from this, but no joy. These do a great job at protecting the chairs when I’m not around to run the cats out of the chairs.”
LB (Texas)


“I got these because my cat was trying to scratch up my dining room chairs. These work like a charm!!! Great for those that have messy children and pets!!!! Great investment!!!!”  Mary (New Jersey)


“I have a cat that is in her last months of life due to lymphoma and she loses her meals quite often. I inherited a dining room set that has cloth seats and needed to find some moisture proof covers for them and I will have to say that after a very good test they definitely protected and saved my chairs! … They are easy to remove and reinstall and I highly recommend them to anyone with pets/children.”  Janet (South Carolina)


Image courtesy of freedigitalphotos


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