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“I was very impressed with how easy it was to put this on”

Jessie, from MomVantage, recently reviewed our SmartSeat Chair Protector.  She writes, “My kids are messy eaters. In their defense, they come by it honestly. My nickname as a child was “Messy Jessie” and while I make less food-related messes now – my kids totally trump me – I do still have the uncanny tendency to spill most liquids I come in contact with. While this is not a big deal at home, it becomes a bit of a problem when we are visiting family members.”

Jessie took our SmartSeat to her mother’s house for a trial run.  Here’s what she had to say: “I was very impressed with how easy it was to put this on my moms chairs. They are rather large, and I didn’t have any problems getting the cover securely on . . .My mom was also impressed with the design and how well it protected her chairs. E ended up spilling his juice all over his lap. He was soaked, but the chair was fine! None of the juice managed to get through the waterproof cover, and because it completely covers the cushioned seat, it didn’t get on the sides either.”  Just click through to read Jessie’s full review.

SmartSeats are easy to carry with (just toss them in your bag) and you’ll always be a welcome guest at Grandma’s house!

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