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Is Incontinence An Issue?

Is incontinence an issue?

Leaking urine isn’t just a problem for potty training children.  Women may suffer from urinary leakage after child birth.  Prostate health may cause issues for men.  Elderly of both genders may have problems maintaining continence for a variety of health-related reasons.

While incontinence may be embarrassing, there are many products out there that can help to manage the problem, reduce unpleasant side effects, and keep your furniture from unpleasant odors and other damage.

Here are few mom-invented products that can be used for urinary incontinence:

Mama Kloth Reusable Pad are cloth pads made from natural fibers, including woven cotton, organic bamboo velour, merino wool, and water resistant fleece.  More eco-friendly than disposable liners and pads, Mama Kloth Reusable Pads are an easy way to contain small amounts of feminine urinary leakage.

Oops! Undies are underwear made from soft bamboo with a waterproof membrane built into the fabric. Though completely waterproof, these undies feel and look like regular underwear.  A perfect solution for anyone who wishes to avoid disposable underwear with its plastic-like feel and look.

Loveys ChafeStop is an all-natural, anti-chafing stick that is free of zinc, petroleum, sulfates, parabens, chemical preservatives, and artificial fragrances.  ChafeStop by can used by anyone who suffers from sensitive chafing, irritation, heat rash, rubbing or friction from skin-to-skin or skin-to-clothing irritations.  It also can reduce the unpleasant chafing that comes from extra moisture due to urinary leaking.

SmartSeat Chair Protectors‘ waterproof fabric completely protects chair upholstery from mild incontinence.  Our seat covers are discreet and, therefore, can be used to prevent mishaps without embarrassment or discomfort. Use our covers on one chair to protect when an elder relative comes to visit, or put them on your entire dining room set.

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