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It isn’t really discipline, but it works. has a new article entitled, “Quirky Discipline Rules that work.”  Interestingly, I wouldn’t call them discipline at all.  But I do think that they will work.  Why?  Each suggestion is a clever way to give your child some control over himself without actually giving over control.  You see, your child wants some autonomy, doesn’t want to be told what to do all of the time, and would like to feel validated and valued.  In fact, your child probably wants to be treated the same way that you would like be to be treated — with warmth and respect.  Now, the trick is to give your child respect and the feeling of autonomy and independence without actually relinquishing parental authority (or chaos would ensue, right?).  These “quirky discipline rules” are clever ways to do just that.  Check it out!

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