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It’s a messy time of year.

Our SmartSeat Chair Protectors were just reviewed on Retail Therapy Lounge, a nifty site that has a host of family-friendly reviews, gift guides, giveaways and tips. After putting our seat covers to the test, here’s what they had to say:

Retail Therapy Lounge“This is a messy time of year. . . We feed the kids things we normally would not feed them in rooms we normally would not let them eat in.  Usually I just grab an old towel and drape the chair. . . . I really liked [that] the kids were not apt to pull it off like a towel. Plus – when I left it on – I did not have to think about it each time they ate.  Much easier than Shouting it Out or recovering silk chairs.  They were easy to use and easy to clean.”

SmartSeat Chair Protectors are also included in the Retail Therapy Lounge gift guide!

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