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Keeping That New Year’s Resolution For a Cleaner Home in 2013

Keeping a clean home involves a bit of prep, planning, and family involvement.  Last week, we provided some easy tips for keeping a cleaner home in 2013.  This week, we’re offering up checklists that you can use both daily and weekly to help keep your New Year’s resolutions!

Daily Dining Room Cleaning Checklist

  • Sweep/mop the floor or vacuum the rug.
  • Clear clutter off dining table and return things to where they belong.
  • Remove tablecloth/dust table surfaces.
  • Wipe clean dining table and chairs.
  • Replace water in vases or put them in the wash as need be.
  • Dust any visible surfaces, like the top of the china cabinet.

Weekly Dining Room Cleaning Checklist

This is a more intensive cleanup and should be left for weekends or every other week, depending on how heavy the traffic is in your dining room:

  • Dust away cobwebs above and baseboards below.
  • Wipe down ceiling fan clean.
  • Dust blinds and shades.
  • Take down any draperies or curtains and clean as per instructions.
  •  Dust windowsills and wipe clean the windows.
  • Dust and clean wall art and pictures.
  • Straighten dishes in the china cabinet.
  • Clean glass/doors of china cabinet.
  • Clean and straighten any drawers and surfaces with curios on them.
  • Remove and wash table linen. Get fresh table linen out.
  • Wipe clean the top of dining table and polish it.
  • Dust the backs, seats and bottoms of the chairs.
  • Clean the carpeting or rugs with a brush, broom or vacuum.
  • Rinse any plants with a spray bottle and wipe the leaves clean.   Shake dust off artificial plants or wash them in the shower or kitchen sink.
  • Put fresh table linen on. Add personal touches, like a bowl of fruits or a vase of flowers.
  • Sit back and enjoy!

Do you have a cleaning checklist that you’d like to share with our readers? Let us know in the comments or join the Smart Seat Chair Protector community on Facebook and Twitter, and share your entertaining and housekeeping challenges – we’ll be happy to offer you our solutions and tips!


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