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Keeping Wicker, Rattan or Cane Dining Chairs Clean

Rattan, Wicker, and Cane ChairsYou know how horrid stained dining chairs look? Yeah, I know. But the hard truth is that, in homes with kids or pets, keeping dining room décor stain-free is tough, especially if your chairs are made with wicker, rattan or cane.  Think food squished into the folds of the material – and then dried.  Ahh, that is a whole new definition of ‘tough’ cleaning, isn’t it?

Chairs made with wicker or cane seats look gorgeous. I love them. However, the fact of the matter is that it attracts food like a magnet and getting stuck-in food or spills unstuck just makes you want to sell all your dining room set and use plastic chairs. Yes, it does. I know it. **smiling**

So do you have to sell or change your cane or wicker dining chairs? Actually, no.

I can almost hear your sigh of relief!

The solution lies in using covers. But not any covers, and certainly not clear vinyl covers. We don’t want our dining room décor to look ugly, do we?

Enter Stylish Chair Protectors to the Rescue

Luckily, for you, you can choose to cover wicker, rattan or cane dining chairs with SmartSeat Chair Protectors and keep them protected from spills and food easily and effortlessly.

Why do SmartSeats make a good choice? Well, for starters, they’re a gorgeous, stain-resistant, waterproof range of covers that, best of all, are machine washable. So, should you have spills and stains, all you need to do is wipe them clean and when they get really messy, pop them into the washing machine.  Ta-dah, you’ll have clean covers in no time at all. Nice!

Plus, they look so stylish in 5 fabulous colors with a lovely soft feel and a fantastic hook and loop system for getting a snug fit that prevents the covers from slipping and sliding when kids climb all over them.

More Tips to Clean Wicker, Rattan or Cane Furniture

While covering the seats of your chairs with washable covers is really the best solution to keeping them clean, if your wicker or cane dining chairs are already soiled, here are some clean-up tips:

1) Use a soft scrub brush and a wood oil soap and water solution to gently scrub food off your chairs.

2) To get really tough particles of stuck food or dirt from out of crevices, use a hose to spray water forcefully and dislodge the particles. But be sure to blot dry your chairs with a towel afterwards because water can do wonders to ruin rattan, wicker, cane and wood chairs if left sitting on them.

And remember, once you’ve cleaned up your chairs, be sure to keep them clean by using your SmartSeat covers!

Keep Wicker or Cane Dining Chairs Clean Easily

Make cleaning stuck in food from your chairs a thing of the past. Really, you have better things to do with your time.  Like whipping up more yummy stuff in the kitchen or spending more quality time with your kids.  And just think of how liberating it will feel to have family meals or entertain without dreading the chair cleanup afterwards.

Do you have trouble keeping your dining chairs or dining room furniture sets clean?  Or maybe your kitchen bar stools or other types of chairs? Join the Smart Seat Chair Protector community on Facebook and share your housekeeping challenges – we’ll be happy to offer you our solutions and tips!

Photo by Wickerfurniture

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