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Lunch prep is now so easy.

I have to confess that I really dislike preparing school lunches.  We go through sooooo many plastic bags every week.  And my younger son complains when chips arrive at school broken or cookies are crumbled from being tossed around in his lunch box.  That’s why I was so excited to find Easy Lunch Boxes!

Easy Lunch Boxes are coolers with bento-style inserts made from the washable plastic.  So now, instead of wrapping the sandwich in foil and the fruits, chips, and other sides in plastic bags, I can just put everything into the little compartments and pop the whole container into the cooler bag.  The bag is big enough to fit up to three plastic containers (which is perfect when we hit the museum or park on the weekend), but small enough that it won’t overwhelm my 6 year old.  And the bags and inserts come in a variety colors so that everyone can get their “favorite”.  Perfect!

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