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The Perfect Gift for Families with Young Children – “For those of you who still dream of beautiful dining room furniture without giving up on having children, I’m so excited to tell you about SmartSeat Chair Protectors… SmartSeat Chair Protectors are the kind of product that reassure me that innovation isn’t dead. I am always excited to discover that someone has come up with a great, sensible solution to a problem that plagues every mom. I’m even thinking I might have to shop for a new dining room set now (our kids are older and no longer finger painting with chewed up teething cookies, but they’re still messy). From high chairs to dining room chairs of all shapes and sizes (especially the fabric covered ones), the SmartSeat Chair Protector will prevent crumbs, spills, and stains from ruining your chairs. The protectors are designed to fit on any style of chair and are versatile enough to be attached, using the Velcro straps, in a variety of different ways. Best of all, though, when things get messy, you just pull off the SmartSeat Chair Protector, throw it in the washing machine, and voila! Perfect dining room.”