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My skinny boys needed help!


I’ve got tall, skinny boys.  Blame it on their dad’s genes.  He has a tall, narrow physique and both of my boys have inherited it.  Because they are tall and skinny, finding pants that fit properly is a challenge.  Buy the right length and the pants swim around the waist.  Buy the right waist size and the pants look like floods!

That is why I love this mom invented product — Dapper Snappers.  Dapper Snappers is an elastic attachment that slips through the back belt loops on any pair of pants.  Snap it to the correct size and the pants have an adjustable waist.

Like SmartSeat Chair Protectors, this product was invented by a mom who saw a need and found a solution.  Please visit her site or Facebook page to learn more about Dapper Snappers.

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