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Never force a square peg into a round hole.

My oldest son is tenacious and high energy.  These are traits that serve him well.  He is driven to master new skills by continuing to try over and over until he gets it.  He has the energy, and the drive, to pursue many different activities, and he excels at most of them. 
Over time, I have learned to respect my son’s personality traits.  I now pick my battles.  For example, I no longer insist that he wear a coat outside when it is cold.  Interestingly, if he is cold enough, he puts one on.  I also have learned the value of physical exercise.  I joke that my son is a like a dog: To keep peace in our house, he needs to be run twice a day.   
Given all of this, you can imagine that I could relate to the article, Parenting Style: Tune into your child’s true nature by  It identifies the four traits that parents find hardest to cope with — and how to help.

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