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Picking the Perfect Present for Grandma and Grandpa

Gifts for grandparents require more thought than gifts for others on your list. Not only are Grandma and Grandpa the elders of the family, they’re also two of the most special people in your children’s lives.  Their presents should be sweet and sentimental, but also practical enough to simplify their life or fill it with great joy.  So, here are some great gift ideas for grandparents:

1.  Photo Gifts Are Perfect for Grandparents

Grandparents love displaying and looking at photos of their grandkids. This year, make it easier for them to do that with a photo book or a photo calendar. Shutterfly is just one of the many sites that allow you to easily create these keepsakes. Make the gift even more special by including photos of the grandparents with the grandkids and let them relieve those special moments captured through the year whenever they want.

2.  Memorialize Your Child’s Art

Use your child’s artwork to create note cards, address labels, or holiday cards for the grandparents in your family on a site such as Print Art Kids.  Better yet, have your child create a special drawing just for Grandma or Grandpa and use this personalized artwork for the project.  Both your child and the grandparents in their life will beam with pride seeing their “masterpiece” featured on these items.

3.  Make it Homemade

Grandma would be proud to display a hand-painted sign in her kitchen while Grandpa would love to have a  home-made batch of cookies or a knitted scarf. Yes, homemade gifts, especially those made by the kids themselves, have a special place in a grandparent’s house.  Make the gifts purposeful by choosing things like magnets for the fridge or a tablecloth with the kids’ handprints. Need more ideas? Here are some lovely ideas for gifts that kids can easily make with just a little help from mom or dad.

4.  Practical Presents for the Home are Ideal

Make life simpler for grandparents by gifting them with presents that they can use when their grandkids are visiting.  Our Smart Seat Covers, for instance, will help Grandma keep her precious dining chairs clean and stain-free while letting her grandkids enjoy her pumpkin pie.

5.  The Gift of Time is the Greatest for a Grandparent

Finally, the gift that every grandparent really appreciates and looks forward to is the gift of time. Whether a day or a few hours every week or a month-long holiday, gifting grandparents the gift of time with their kids and grandkids is something that is bound to delight them no end. So, if you can, make sure you give grandparents in the family the gift of time along with the other more ‘material’ gifts.

Choosing a great gift for the grandparents in your family does require some additional thought.  However, if you think of what would make them more comfortable or happier, you’ll find it quite easy to give them the best gift ever this year.

Do you have a great gift idea for a grandparent?  Please share it with us on Facebook or send us a Tweet!  @SmartSeatCover.

Photo courtesy of Flikr.

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