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Products That Make Travel Easier
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Products that make travel easier

For many, travel is a necessity.  Businesses relocate and take their star performers with them.  Elderly parents retire to warmer destinations.  Students fall in love with their college town and never return to where they grew up and their parents still live.  If you are one of the many who have to cope with the hassles and headaches of traveling to be with family, these tips and products may make your life just a bit easier.

If you’re traveling by plane, wear comfortable and easy-to-remove footwear.  TSA regulations now require most passengers to remove their shoes before passing through security.  Ballet flats are an attractive and stylish alternative.  Because they don’t have laces, they are easy to remove and slip back on.  We love this selection of 18 Pairs of Flats You’ll Wear Everyday by Brit Morin.  You’re sure to find something that appeals to your personal fashion diva.

Minimize motion sickness.  There is nothing worse than feeling nauseous while in transit.  Psi Bands are an effective and drug-free product that minimizes motion sickness using acupressure points on the wrists.  Their bands are waterproof, adjustable, reusable, and come in a variety of fashionable colors and prints. Try one to ease your nausea and your travels.

Get comfortable and get some rest.  Long or overnight trips, whether by car, bus, plane or train, are sometimes inevitable.  The Travel HoodiePillow is the perfect inflatable travel neck pillow no matter which mode of transportation you prefer. The Travel HoodiePillow provides inflatable neck support and has adjustable drawstrings that can be pulled to create added eye coverage to block out the world around you, allowing you to catch some zzz’s while you’re on your way to your vacation destination.

Keep your kids entertained. DVDs and other portable devices are both lightweight and versatile, providing hours of entertainment in the form of movies, books, and games.  No one wants their child hooked up to electronics all of the time, so also pack some paper and colored pencils (that won’t melt into your car upholstery) so that your kids can journal about their trip.

Make eating-on-the-go affordable and easy.  Food at airports and rest stops can be expensive and unhealthy, so make sure to pack healthy fruits, nuts, and other single serving snacks for your trip.  Consider using reusable bags, such as those by spbang.  Their bags are lightweight, don’t take up much space, and are better for the environment than disposable sandwich bags.  And if you are traveling with young kids, the Quick Split portable slicer is a super fast and easy way to cut your child’s food into small, choke-free bites.  It even comes with its own plastic carrying case so that you can just toss it into your bag when you’re done.

Stay hydrated.  Dehydration can lead to headaches, exhaustion, and general crankiness.  And who wants to feel like that when they are away from home?  Make sure to drink enough non-caffeinated liquids while you are in transit.  Remember that the TSA does not permit you to bring liquids through security, so if you’re traveling by plane and with small children, consider Refresh-a-baby‘s patented baby bottle nipples.  These nipples attach to most standard water bottles and are a great way to keep your infant or toddler hydrated on the go.

Keep a change of clothes easily accessible.  Spilled drink?  Kid get sick on you?  No one wants to travel in wet or soiled clothes, so keep a change of clothes at the top of your suitcase or in your carry on so that you can access it easily, if necessary.  And once you’ve changed, use Itzy Ritzy Travel Happens Sealed Wet Bags or wetbags by Snugabell to contain the mess.  These waterproof bags will keep your dirty clothes away from everything else in your bag and keep your clean clothes clean and dry.

Do you have other great travel tips?  We’d love to hear them!  Visit our Facebook community or send us a Tweet, @SmartSeatCover.

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