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Skin tips…

Here on the East Coast, it is the winter that never was.  Warm temperatures and no snow.  And as the days begin to get longer and the weather continues to stay unseasonably warm, it is easy to see that spring and summer are not that far away.

Warmer temperatures usually means baring more skin.  And who doesn’t want their skin to look radiant?  Our friends over at E-Z Shade have some helpful tips and suggestions for rediscovering your naturally radiant skin this spring.

And for keeping your skin radiant?  Can you guess what is the most important tip?  That’s right: Protecting it from the harmful UVA and UVB rays.  E-Z Shade helps to do just that by creating a barrier between you and the sun’s harmful rays.  You can learn more about this great product by visiting their website or Facebook page.   They also have informative videos on YouTube.

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