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SmartSeat Dining Covers=Smart Solution

Charlene, blogger at the Charlene Chronicles, reviewed the SmartSeat Chair Protector.  She writes, “I love innovative products. Especially those developed by a Mom who sees a problem and creates something to fix it. Case in point – gunk over your nice fabric-covered chairs. You know the ones. The ones that were nice before you had kids.”  Charlene tried the covers on her brand new dining room chairs: “it took me about 20 seconds to put it on the chair. Super fast and fabulously easy. I sat up and down on them, wiggled my butt, and even put my two dogs on the chair to see if it (or they) would slip and slide…If you’re looking for a solution to cover your chairs, this is it!”  Visit her site, read her review, and send her an email for an opportunity to win a SmartSeat cover of your own!

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