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Summer Holiday Fun for Kids: 5 Great Ideas to Keep Children Busy and Entertained

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Can you believe that we’re already talking about summer holiday fun?  Well, it pays to be prepared when it comes to keeping the kids busy and engaged during the long, hot summer days.




Here are 5 great ideas guaranteed to help your children have tons of fun this summer season:

1.  Read Away the Summer Days

Reading is a great hobby and, when the days are too hot to do anything else, you can all pull out some books and read together.  Make reading more fun by pairing it with one of the other activities from this list, such as cooking or crafting.  This 2012 Summer Reading List for Kids has tons of ideas to help you find some great reads for the season.

2.  Cook up a Summer Storm

Cooking is another great way to spend the summer days. The best part is that most of the summer recipes we have included are no-cook and chilled, perfect for a hot day. Fudgesicles, anyone?  These simple recipes from Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution are a good place to start.  Remember to use our SmartSeat Chair Protectors on your kitchen chairs to keep them from getting stained during exuberant cooking and tasting sessions! ; )

3.  Have a Splash

Hot days and water make a perfect combination. Nothing like letting the kids have a splash, literally. Whether you use the sprinkler, the kiddie pool or the old-fashioned hose, water play is a surefire way to keep kids entertained when days are hot and the sun shines bright. Here are some great water play ideas for your children for this season.

If you’re spending time outside in the sun and water, remember to apply adequate sunblock and/or put your children in sun protective clothing, such as Swim Zip UV Protective Swimwear.  (You can read more about SwimZip and its inventor right here on our blog).  Looking for other summer must-have’s for outdoor time?  Check out this list of the Top 10 Beach Must-Have’s for Families.

4.  Summer Gardening for Kids

Gardening is an evergreen (pun intended!) summer activity.  Both young kids and older ones will enjoy getting their hands dirty to plant flowers and veggies. Here’s a great guide to getting started with your kids’ summer garden.

5.  Craft Through the Season

And finally, arts and crafts are a fantastic way to spend time indoors when it’s too hot to play outside or to be in the kitchen.  Stock up on craft supplies and dig through these summer craft ideas for inspiration.  The activities include flipbooks, paper hats, and a whole lot more.  Before getting started the glue, paint, and glitter, remember to cover your chairs with our chair protectors to keep messes at bay and make cleanups a lot easier.

The summer can be a ton of fun if you have a ready list of great ideas to fall back on when the kids say “I’m bored”.  What is YOUR biggest challenge keeping kids entertained during the summer days?  Share with us in the SmartSeat Cover community on Facebook and Twitter.






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