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Surround Your Baby in a Cloud of Comfort

4 strollers_xsTivoli Couture stroller liners are made from soft, baby friendly fabric that is coupled with memory foam padding for superior comfort.  Their newest product – the Classic Luxury™ Memory Foam Stroller Liner –  includes reflective trim for night time strolling and useful loops to keep baby’s accessories within reach.  Tivoli Couture is dedicated to creating products that are multi- functional and affordably priced. Their stroller liners double as changing pads and tummy time mats; the 3 in 1 Mommy’s Hug™ weather cover can be used with any baby carrier, stroller or car seat, or even as a portable blanket with a foot pocket; and the Miracle Wrap™ Bunting System works as a footmuff, blanket, picnic or floor mat, and can even be easily rolled into a pillow! All Tivoli Couture products are built for year-round use and are geared towards helping parents maximize the value of their investments.

Trivoli Couture was started by Stella Rubinshteyn. Originally from Europe, Stella discovered that, in comparison to the European countries where it’s a common practice to place children inside a stroller lined with a cotton blanket or better yet a buggy liner, American parents place their children on bare stroller upholstery without any lining protection at all.  Typical stroller upholstery is not removable or machine washable and may feel rough on baby’s delicate skin. Considering that children spend so much time in their strollers, it seems logical that they should get proper physical support and the seat should be comfortable, soft and clean: Let’s face it, we’d never consider sleeping on a bare mattress ourselves!

The only stroller liner Stella could find for her son was a traditional white carriage liner with ruffles, something that just would not cut it for her boys. After realizing there was a gap in the market for stylish stroller liners in fun, modern designs and prints, that can coordinate well with any popular stroller brand, Tivoli Couture created its first line of comfortable Luxury Plush stroller liners that would also be reversible for versatility and year round comfort.  Soon after, while enjoying her brand new memory foam mattress topper and pillow at home, it occurred to Stella that memory foam would make the perfect padding for a deliciously comfortable stroller liner – prompting a second generation of Luxury NuComfort™ memory foam stroller liners to be born. 

Tivoli Couture is an award winning baby gear and accessories company.  The Company’s tag line ‘Practical Luxury’ sums up its mission: To create innovative and expertly functional items, which offer everyday luxury, at an accessible price.  You can checkout Tivoli Couture for yourself by using their store locator page to find a store near you:

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