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Thanksgiving at the Grandparents? Make it a Stress-Free (and Stain-Free) Affair

Dinner with GrandparentsYes, we’re already talking about Thanksgiving. After all, there is nothing like being prepared for dinners, visits and parties well in advance, especially when you have kids, right?

Thanksgiving is all about family getting together and giving thanks — at a table full of yummy food and drinks.

Speaking of family, if you’re headed for a dinner at the grandparents’ house this Thanksgiving, here are some tips to make it easy and stress-free for everyone and keep Grandma’s gorgeous dining room chairs looking nice and clean as well:

1.  Prepare the Kids for Dining Properly

Begin by discussing with the kids the upcoming dinner and encourage them to be on their best behavior. Talk about how Grandpa and Grandma really appreciate good manners and how happy it would make them to see their grandkids behaving properly. Trust me, it will work.

2.  Avoid Taking Pets Along

If you’re a pet owner, see if you can have someone watch your pet dog or cat for the evening while you’re out. Taking pets along can add more confusion and chaos to the mix, especially with young kids along. More chaos means more chances of food or drinks spilling over dining chairs and making a mess, increasing the workload and stress levels for Grandpa and Grandma.

3.  Find Out What the Menu Is

If you know what is being served, you’ll be better prepared to deal with any possible accidents. For instance, if there will be a traditional dinner with turkey and gravy, you may want to carry along extra bibs and wipes for the baby or wipe-clean mats for toddlers.

4.  Be Prepared for Spills

Finally, whether you know what is being served or not, take no chances and make sure you’re prepared for spills on Grandma’s antique dining chairs.

How?  Make sure you have enough wipes, bibs, table mats and that you carry along a set of our washable Smart Seat Chair Covers. Let it be your gift to the Grandparents. They’ll be relieved knowing that stains will be wiped off easily, leaving their dining chairs clean and you’ll have an easier time enjoying your meal.

Dinner at the Grandparents’ house shouldn’t mean being on edge all the time or leaving Grandma with messy, stained chairs. It should be a happy and stress-free affair that brings the family together. Being prepared for spills and stains will help you enjoy the evening and show the grandparents that you really care.

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Photo by Abbybatchelder

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