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Helping Grandparents Survive A Visit From The Grandkids
Dinner with Grandparents

Helping Grandparents Survive a Visit from the Grandkids

Planning a trip with the kids to their grandparent’s house?  Fun! Let’s just make sure that it is just as much as fun for the grandparents once the kids leave. Huh, what’s that? That’s right.  While we’re sure that both Grandma and Grandpa love having the little munchkins over, chances are that once the kids leave the house, they spend a great deal of time cleaning and picking up. Not so fun.


Here is how to make cleaning up easier for grandparents:

  1.  Put Together a Cleaning Supplies Basket

Before you plan a trip to Grandma’s home, put together a spiffy basket with cleaning supplies and brushes. Should there be any accidents, spills and messes, you’ll have everything you need to help clean up. Also, if Grandma finds hidden stains once you leave, she won’t have to visit the store to pick up stain removers or cleaning brushes.

  2.  Encourage Kids to Clean Up After Themselves

Kids of all ages should be encouraged to help clean up after themselves when at their grandparents’ homes. Even preschoolers can help wipe the table clean with a cleaning cloth and some all-purpose spray. Assign chores if needed before you even head out.

  3.  Take Precautionary Measures for Disaster-Prone Areas

Gift a set of SmartSeat Chair Protectors to both sets of grandparents and help them keep their precious (and possibly, antique!) dining chairs clean and free of stains and spots. The covers are wipe clean and machine washable and will sure be helpful if your energetic tween spills some gravy on their seat.

  4.  More Tips on Helping Grandparents with Cleaning

Here are some great reads and checklists from across the web on helping seniors keep their homes clean easily and simply. Download or print out a few checklists, slip them into a pretty binder and voila, you would have made cleanups so much easier for the elders in your family:

Checklist for Cleaning Senior’s Homes by The Maids

Homemade Cleaning Products by  (Tip: Make a batch of these and put them into that cleaning supplies gift basket!)

Thanksgiving at the Grandparents? Make it a Stress-free {and Stain-free} Affair on our own blog. The tips in this post are good not just for Thanksgiving but for pretty much any occasion!


Armed with these tips and ideas, you can be sure that when you and the kids leave Grandma’s home, she will be delighted that her home looks just as clean as it was when all of you walked in and would excitedly look  forward to your next visit. Now isn’t that lovely?!

So, how will YOU be making cleaning up easier for Grandma and Grandpa?


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Photo courtesy of Abigail Batchelder

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