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This post is for my father.

Growing up, my father would complete the New York Times crossword puzzle everyday.  Now, if you know your crossword puzzles, then you also know that this is no easy feat.  And, by the time that Sunday rolls around, it is a virtually impossible one.  As I got older, I would help my father with the puzzles.  We would cuddle up on the couch together and he would prompt me with clues.  “A four letter word that rhymes with your brother’s name?”  “A nine letter word for your favorite flavor ice cream.”  I know now that the clues my father gave me weren’t Will Shortz’ work.  But it was a lovely activity that we would do together and a tradition that I have continued with my son, who is now eight.   I loved this article that appeared in the Times because it reminded me of how much I enjoy crossword puzzles and our inter-generational family tradition.

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