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We’re Bragging Now!
Bragging Rights

We’re bragging now!

Please take a moment to read this absolutely wonderful review of the SmartSeat Chair Protector on The Bragging Mommy.  Heidi writes, “I have very irregular dining room chairs in the fact that they are extra large (seriously they are really big).  So it didn’t fit my chair right away.  But the customer service at SmartSeat is so great.  I told them my situation and they immediately mailed me out some extra Velcro to fix my problem.  Once I received the Velcro we were in business and the cover fit my extra large dining room chair.  I was so impressed by how well SmartSeat worked with me and took care of me until my issue was resolved.”  Take a moment to read Heidi’s entire review, and enter the giveaway to win a SmartSeat Chair Protector for your home.

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