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We’re Golden!

We are so excited about our newest review on Your Golden Ticket!  Here’s an excerpt:
“I understand that it is necessary and practical to cover your chairs to protect them, but isn’t there a more attractive way to do it? The answer is yes with the help of the SmartSeat Chair Protector by pb&j Discoveries. . . Once I got my SmartSeat I was prepared to really test it out.  I am happy to report that it passed all of my tests. . . The cover is made of a waterproof, stain resistant, and machine washable fabric that is non-toxic.  The fabric is soft and comfortable and there are no funny smells or anything like that.  I really like that the waterproof backing also doubles as a slip resistant material in case you are putting the seat covers on leather or a slick fabric.  They will stay in place.  I also like that you can customize the covers for a variety of chair sizes and just about any style.”
Read the entire review and enter the giveaway to win your own SmartSeat Chair Protector!

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