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You don’t need to be an entrepreneur to relate to this sentiment.

While cruising my Facebook news feed today, I came across a blog post on Mod Mom Furniture entitled “Balance is Bullsh*t”.  If you don’t happen to know, Mod Mom founder, Kiersten Hathcock appeared on Shark Tank last year.  Though she began her toy box-making company in her garage, she is now living the entrepreneurial dream of running a successful business (without all the splinters).

I was struck by how much I could relate to Kiersten’s sentiments.  She writes, “If I’m gonna be ‘present’ with my kids after school, then I have to get up early to do the manual labor stuff so I don’t cut my hand off and schedule the computer work for later.  And that being a work-from-home mom didn’t mean I work less, it just means I have to weave 40+ hours of work in and out of my life as a mom.”

Though I’m not cutting and sewing my seat covers by hand (nor do I run the risk of losing one to a jig saw), I was reading this post at 5:30 am as I began my day so that I could fit in two hours of work before taking the boys to school.  As working parents — entrepreneurial or otherwise — we seem to be struggling to fit it all in to the few number of hours that we are given each day.  I couldn’t agree more with Kiersten’s assessment that, “it’s more about juggling and knowing that ‘having it all’ is not reality.  I sometimes feel like I have it all when I manage to shower.  That’s just the way it is.  Clearly, someone who has a tough time fitting in a shower during the day isn’t going to win the ‘balance’ award.  And I don’t want to because, well, balance is BS.”

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