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You’ve got to love ’em. They’re family.

Growing up, I was very close to my brother, despite the almost four year age gap.  Sometimes, that was because he was sitting on my back while wrestling away a toy that he wanted.  But most of the time, we were close because we were embarking on some sort of creative endeavor, running around outside, or playing a board game together.
It was very important to my father that my brother and I be each others’ best friends and, even now that we are both married adults with our own families, he and I speak almost every day.  How do you foster a strong bond between siblingsMom It Forward has some great tips: emphasize cooperation over competition; get outside together; and agree to disagree.  To this, I would add that you should encourage your children to treat each other as well as they treat their friends. 
We follow these rules in our home and my boys (those are my boys walking together on vacation) are quite close despite their two plus age difference.  I hope that my boys bond is as strong in fifteen years as it is now.

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