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A must read for all parents!

This article by Today’s Parent is truly a must-read for anyone with children.  How do you raise a great kid?  Sometimes the answer is beautifully simple.  Treat your child with respect, recognizing your child’s individuality, strengths and weaknesses.  Not every child comes to this world with the same skills.  Some are born nurturers.  Other are gifted problem solvers.  Learn what makes your child special and work with him, not against him.  Give your child the tools to act with moral responsibility in this world, whether that means learning to express empathy or to regulate his own emotions and behavior.  Teach your child that all behaviors (both good and bad) have consequences.  Encourage him to create a positive ripple effect in the world around him.  And, finally, provide opportunities for your child to learn, explore, and discover what he is passionate about and what he excels in.  This creates self-confidence that will fortify your child.

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