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Decorating for the Holidays: 5 Easy and Frugal Ways to Brighten Up Home Décor

Yep, we’re talking about the holidays already! Isn’t it exciting? Last month, we shared tips on how to make Thanksgiving dinner at the grandparents a stress-free and stain-free affair.  This month, let’s get a head start on holiday decorating and brighten up our home’s décor with fast, easy and frugal fix-ups.

The holidays are all about entertaining and celebrating with family and friends. Dinners, lunches and even, brunches make our home a hub of hectic activity. Naturally, we want everything to look beautiful and bright.

Christmas Dinner by Celeste LindellHere are 5 budget-friendly ways to add a dash of festive color and also, gear up the busy holiday season at home:

1.  Clear Away the Clutter

Yes, this no-cost way is a great way to highlight what is beautiful in your home. Clearing away clutter means doing away with everything that is no longer needed, used or in a usable condition.

Simply clearing away surfaces or organizing countertops can lift the spirit of a room and brighten it up instantly.

2.  Add Small Festive Touches Through the House

You don’t need big-ticket items to fill your home with the holiday spirit. Small festive touches, here and there, go a long way in brightening up the home and giving it a special look.

Baskets of pinecones on the dining table, bowls filled with cinnamon and apples on the kitchen counter or tealight candles burning bright in bedrooms are small, inexpensive but effective ways to decorate the home for the holidays.

3.  Splashes of Paint for Holiday Cheer

Paint is an inexpensive way to literally, lift the color of any room in the house. You don’t even have to paint the whole room. Just one wall in an accent color will brighten up the whole look.

4.  Festivity with Flowers

Flowers have a lovely way of adding natural color, fragrance and cheer to any room. A bunch of gorgeous, red carnations on the dining table or garlands of tiny flowers strung across the wall are simple ways to decorate a room and yet not spend much. Try mixing the real flowers with flower-patterned upholstery to add a vintage, retro-chic touch to your décor.

5.  Cover Up For More Style and Less Stains

Finally, remember that the holidays will see more people in your home than ever so remember to cover up without compromising on style. Dining chairs, for instance, get really messy with stains and spills especially when we’ve had kids over for dinner. Cover them with SmartSeat Chair Protectors, available in colors to match most décor, and you’ll have style and stain-free décor as well.

What fast and frugal decorating fixes do you have for the holiday season?

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Photo by Celeste Lindell

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