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Easy New Year Resolutions for a Cleaner Home in 2013

With 2013 around the corner, chances are you’re already thinking about New Year’s resolutions and, of course, what you’d like your home to be like in 2013. Having a cleaner, more organized home is something every homeowner wants. Why not make it easier for yourself in 2013 by adopting some quick cleaning tips as New Year Resolutions to help you have a clean home without any stress?

Clean Home Resolution: Have a Cleaning Caddy Ready

Having the right tools and supplies easily available will make cleaning up super-easy and effortless. Stock a caddy with all-purpose cleaning spray, dishwashing soap, small jars of baking soda and salt, clean rags, a sponge, some scrubbers and a brush. That’s it.  Keep this next to your broom and mops and the next time, you need to wipe the doors or windows clean, you wouldn’t have to hunt for rags or cleaning solution.

Clean Home Resolution: Wipe Up As You Go

One of your resolutions this year should be a must-follow cleaning tip, “Clean as you go”. This will reduce your workload and your housekeeping stress by a great deal. Wiping the countertops while you wait for the casserole to cook, washing or at least rinsing dishes after you eat or putting away the toys as soon as playtime is over are simple things that have a great impact on keeping a home clean.

Identify at least 5 ‘clean-as-you-go’ occasions and stick to them for 21 days {the time it takes for one to form a habit} and then, identify 5 more. Before you know it, you’ll have turned this resolution into your secret weapon to a clean home in 2013.

Clean Home Resolution: Make Cleaning Easy

Don’t make cleaning tough on yourself and your family. Using the right kind of furnishings and décor can help you have a pretty home minus the stress of cleaning up. For instance, in the kids’ room, have wipe-clean surfaces for tables and easy-to-clean molded plastic furniture that is sturdy as well. Similarly, in your dining room, use our Smart Seat Chair Protectors to make mopping up stains and spills easy and fuss-free.

Clean Home Resolution: Involve the Family in Cleanups

Finally, make keeping a neat and clean home easy on yourself and your family by involving every member. Don’t nag or play the martyr. Assign chores and responsibilities appropriate to age and preferences. For instance, younger kids can be responsible for sorting the laundry or help with clearing the table. Older kids can be responsible for making their own beds, cleaning their rooms, loading the washing machine or dishwasher and so on.

A clean home in 2013 does not have to be a wishful dream. Make it a reality by adopting these simple resolutions right from the start of the year.  Need help keeping your home clean without the fuss? Join the Smart Seat Cover community on Facebook and Twitter and let us help you with your housekeeping challenges.

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  1. 2013 is officially Clean AND Organized here on the Clean Mama blog (come back tomorrow for the new free cleaning calendar for January!). This month I am so excited to be teaming up again with the Top Organizing bloggers for a New Year’s Organizing Revolution. This is a time for resolutions that actually work and revolutionize your life! I absolutely love the New Year and treat it as a clean, fresh start. If you are looking to get motivated, I’m here to let you know about a FABULOUS and totally motivating challenge hosted by myself and 6 other Organizing Bloggers!

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