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Facebook, I am no longer your friend.

Recently, I was told by facebook that I could not post on others’ pages for 15 days because I was being “spammy”.  Apparently, facebook decides that you’re spammy if you repeatedly tag your fan page or post links on too many sites or too often.  In my case, a post that I was trying to make on someone’s page appeared multiple times (not even my fault!), triggering facebook’s suspension.

I use facebook and twitter as a means of connecting with other mompreneurs and potential customers.  I don’t “spam” pages and I only post on pages where such self-promotion is not only welcome, but encouraged.  A 15-day suspension is incredibly long for a small company, such as mine, that does not engage in any paid marketing.

I’m not the only one who this has happened to — multiple people are complaining about this issue.  And in some cases, the suspension is seriously hurting do-gooders, such as animal shelters hoping to place an abandoned animals, who post the information in several places.

Facebook — is this really  necessary?  ‘Cause if you say yes, I don’t think I want to be your friend anymore.

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