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How to Breathe New Life into Old Chairs

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We all have them:  Boring, wooden, plain-looking chairs that don’t add character or appeal to our décor.  The solution?  Breathe new life into your old chair by painting or reupholstering it.

That’s right.  You can turn an old chair into a classy, “new” one in a matter of minutes.





Here are three never-fail ideas on how to revamp old chairs:

1.  Paint Adds Newness to Worn-Out Chairs

A coat of paint is a great way to give new life to plain chairs. Whether you want to revamp your wicker or cane chairs or your wooden dining room chairs, you can be sure that paint can save the day!  Here are a few tutorials to help you get started:

Update Cane Chairs Without Reupholstering Them

Revamp Old Wooden Chairs with Paint

Revamp Chairs with Metal Seat Plates and Paint

2.  Fabric Breathes New Life

Covering chairs with fresh, trendy fabric is another great way to get them to look chic and classy without breaking the bank.  All you need is fabric of your choice and a pattern, scissors and a staple gun.  Ready to get started?

Here are a few tutorials to show you how to do it right:

Revamping Antique Chairs with Fabric

How to Upholster an Old Chair

How to Revamp a Chair

Also check out how to Sew Your Own Chair Covers, which we shared on our blog last month!

3.  Use a SmartSeat Chair Protector

You also can use a SmartSeat to give your dirty or old chair a clean, fresh look.  Visit our Pinterest page to see some our customers’ before and after pictures!

Do you have an old chair languishing in the attic or the basement?  Why not pull it out over the weekend and see how you can breathe new life into it and add a dash of color and style to your décor as well.


Join us in the Smart Seat community on Facebook and Twitter and share how YOU would breathe new life into old chairs? Paint or fabric? Or both?!

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