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How To Entertain Outdoors And Protect Your Outdoor Furniture

How to Entertain Outdoors and Protect your Outdoor Furniture

With the weather getting better with every passing day, it is time to bring out those garden chairs and the grill and have a party outdoors!  However, before you send out the invites to your next backyard or garden party, here are our expert tips to help you plan it well and take care of your outdoor furniture too:

1.  Choose the Right Furniture

The right outdoor furniture can make all the difference to a great barbecue party. When everyone has comfortable chairs to sit in and enough tables to place plates and glasses on, things are good. That is why it is important that you know the size and dimensions of your outdoor area before you head out and buy chairs and tables.

Note dimensions down and visualize what will go where. This will help you plan the layout of the seating arrangements and ensure that there is enough room without getting too crowded.

Also, when choosing outdoor furniture, pick items that are all-weather or weather-resistant so that each time it rains, you don’t have to rush out and drag everything inside.

2.  Make Room Outdoors

Even though the outdoors is well, outside the house, there is no reason it shouldn’t look just as pretty and inviting as the inside. Make sure the area is clean and clutter is out of sight. Those gardening tools? Put them in the mudroom or the shed.

Add potted plants, floor cushions and even, a rug or two on the porch. Add flowers in small vases and place them on tabletops. Small touches go a long way in making the outdoors look just lovely.

3.  Keep Lighting and Shade in Mind

To make the most of your outdoor entertaining, ensure that you have appropriate lighting so that it isn’t too dark in the evenings and guests can see the food as well as each other without straining their eyes.

For day parties in the backyard or garden, make sure you have provisions for shade. A large garden umbrella or a gazebo will not only provide cooling shade but also infuse your décor with color and life.

4.  Take Care of Your Outdoor Furniture

If you outdoor chairs have seat cushions, consider covering them with Smart Seat Chair Protectors so that cushions don’t get stained and soiled during a party.

When the party is over, take good care of your outdoor furniture.  If you leave your outdoor furniture outside and unprotected, remember to clean it with a damp cloth to remove any food spills or grubby handprints.  You may also want to consider using outdoor furniture covers once you’re done cleaning.

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Photo courtesy of Wicker Paradise.

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