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How to Have a Beautiful and Child-Friendly Christmas and New Year’s Table

The winter holidays are all about entertaining, dinner parties and celebrations at home. While we’re thrilled about inviting friends and family over, we’re also a little worried about our beautiful dining room décor. This year, put those worries aside with our tips on creating a beautiful and child-friendly holiday table.

Let’s get started:

1.  Display Child-Friendly Table Decorations

When decorating the table for holiday parties, keep in mind your kiddie guests and decorate accordingly. If you’re having more than 3 kids over, don’t display your best crystal on the table where tiny hands can reach for them easily. Instead, place it on a shelf high above.

Choosing child-friendly table decorations isn’t that difficult. Anything that isn’t breakable or a stain magnet can be used.  Inexpensive Christmas baubles, colorful, unbreakable bowls filled with Christmas candy and some gorgeous flowers will add color and festivity to your table with ease.  New Year’s decorations might include streamers, hats, and other kid-friendly paper goods.  You can even get the kids to help with the decorations and put up their artwork as place cards.

2.  Serve Some Kid-Friendly Meals

Want the kids to eat with you? Serve them meals they can manage without a fuss or a mess. Finger foods, foods and smaller servings will keep your table mess-free and let the kids be a part of the holiday celebrations.

3.  Keep Kids Busy Before and After Meals

A child-friendly holiday table is not just about the meal but also what happens before and after the meals. Kids who don’t have anything to do will want to explore that gorgeous table laden with yummy goodies.  Make sure you have some activities lined up for them before you serve dinner.  Older children can be enlisted to organize activities for the younger children, such as caroling competitions or 20-questions. Even something as simple as coloring sheets can keep younger children entertained.  Looking for some other activities for the holiday table? Many sites, such as, offer printable games and coloring sheets that you can use to entertain your youngest guests.

4.  Prepare for Disasters

Finally, always be prepared. Yes, when you know you’ll have kids on your guest list, make sure you take necessary steps for mopping up spills and removing stains quickly. A handy clean up kit with a stain remover, clean sponges and wipe cloths as well as protecting your chairs with Smart Seat Chair Protectors will help you have a happy and stress-free holiday dinner with kids in tow.  Visit us here for a complete guide to creating your own Clean Up Kit.


Setting a holiday table that is both beautiful and child-friendly isn’t all that difficult. With a bit of planning and preparation, you can have a lovely dinner table that lets the kids be kids without a mess for you to clean up!  Need more holiday entertaining and decorating tips? Join the Smart Seat Chair Protector community on Facebook and Twitter, and let’s make the holidays easy for everyone, together!

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