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How to Have a Happy (and Stain-Free) Birthday Party

Celebrating birthdays is such a joy. The balloons, the candles, the decorations and, of course, the cake and yummy food.  They are all an integral party of a birthday.  Unfortunately, cake — or even sandwiches and snacks — when mixed with kids usually translates into stains and messes on your dining chairs and table.

So, what’s a mom to do?  You can’t have a birthday without cake and food.  But you can have a birthday party without stains and the accompanying stress!  Here are some tips to help you organize a birthday party that’s fun and free of stains and messes on your dining room chairs, table and rug:

1.  Plan Party Fun Keeping Cleanup in Mind

First things first — when planning your party keep cleanup in mind.  Don’t go for games that involve water, paint, glue or anything else that small hands can easily spill or use to mess up your dining room furniture.

Looking for some fun and mess-free party games?   Try the “Clothes Horse” game for kids 4 years or older or a simple “Let’s Dance” game for younger kids.

2.  Use a Wipe-Clean Table Cloth

When choosing party decorations, make sure that the table cloth you have is wipe clean. Not only will it protect your dining table from any scratches, but it will make mopping up spills and messes super-easy and stress-free.  Plus, you’ll be able to wipe it clean and store it away for the next birthday.

If you can’t find one to match your theme, then cover your themed, paper table cover with a clear, plastic table cloth and you’ll breathe much easier knowing that your dining table will not be subjected to soda spills.

3.  Choose Party Food That’s Fun But Mess-Free

When planning for the party, opt for food that kids can manage on their own without messing things up. Depending upon the age group of kids, choose foodstuff that is dry, free of dressings or any other drip-able ingredients and the right size.  Young kids struggling to cut pieces with a plastic knife usually send food flying across the table onto the rug, so make sure the food is served bite-sized and easy enough for small fingers to hold and eat.

Some “stain-free” food  options include  pigs in blankets, brownies (without frosting), cupcakes (again, no frosting), and cookies. Need more ideas? Try these 7 no-mess snack ideas.

4.  Use Seat Covers to Keep Chairs Clean

Finally, to ensure that the party is absolutely stain-free, cover your dining chair seats with the Smart Seat Chair Protector. Yes, our covers protect your upholstery from grubby hands, shoe marks and more.  And they can be wiped clean (or thrown into the washing machine) once the party is over.  Plus, they can be re-used over and over again to keep your dining room chair clean, stain-free and beautiful as ever.


Birthday parties shouldn’t be about dreading messes, spills and stains. They should be about celebrating a blessed day, enjoying the laughter and giggles of happy kids and making happy memories. Ready to let the fun begin?

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Photo by Will Clayton

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