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Is being a selfish parent a bad thing?

This article from Shine on Yahoo! really spoke to me.  Parents are always trying to balance their kids’ needs and their own.  Sometimes the balance tips more to one side than the other.  Where the balance ends up changes all of the time, depending on what stage your children are in and what else may be going on in your life.  It also varies dramatically from family to family.  And all of that is probably okay, as long as no one’s needs are being entirely neglected.
When my children were younger, it was all about them.  Being a new parent of two children, both of whom had reflux and chronic ear infections, knocked me to my knees.  There simply was no “me time” most of the time.  A good day was when everyone’s basic needs were met.  And, while I would have loved a relaxing warm bath or the chance to exercise, I often settled for a two-minute shower (if I was lucky) and a walk with the stroller hoping to lull the kids into some sort of motion-induced comfort and quiet.  
But now that my boys are older, the balance is different.  They are in school full day.  I’ve rediscovered my love of exercise, learned that I love to cook (and not just mac ‘n cheese or chicken tenders and fries), and look forward to our childless weekly date nights.  My kids are at an age when we can do activities together that I actually enjoy.  I find that there is plenty of time to meet my own needs and, remarkably, plenty of time to meet their needs too. 
I’m sure that this balance will shift yet again several times before my boys leave the house many years from now.  Who knows what will happen when my oldest enters the tween years?  The weekend sporting events, of which there are already many, will probably eat into the me time that I cherish.  I will likely become even more of a chauffeur than I already am.  And the activities that we enjoy together will probably be replaced by social outings that no longer include me, but are focused exclusively around friends and social cliques.  Of course, at some point in the future, the kids will be gone.  They will go off to school and my husband and I will need to strike a new balance — one that doesn’t even involve the children anymore. 
What type of balance do you have in your home?  Where do you fall on the parenting scale?

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